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Dear Creator,

Thank you for taking my request!  I hope you have fun writing it.

I'm not sure which request will be taken, so I've reposted them below, for reference.  I also got a bit TL;DR, so feel free to skip reading this.  The prompts are probably wordy enough XD.

1) Natsume Reiko | Madara  )

2) Kitamura Atsushi | Nishimura Satoru | Matoba Seiji )

3) Tanuma Kaname | Natsume Takashi )
And as for what I like:

My number one love is plot - true to canon in-character plot! (Relationship-based, or not.)  Alternatively, plot that turns canon inside out, rolls it up into a little ball, and bounces it off the walls, but does so in the spirit of the series!  For Natsume Yuujinchou, I'm very fond of this fic and this fic but please don't feel you have to write something similar.  (Please don't open those links if you think reading someone else's fic as something of a guide will freeze up your own writing juices XD.) Generally, I love things that make me think "this truly feels like the series, without just being a copy of it". 

Alas, I know that is a huuuge ask, even if one of my requests lights your brain on fire with inspiration.  I also love quiet moments between characters, fluffy 'ship fics where nothing really happens, whether or not there is anything of an explicit nature (....particularly Tanuma/Natsume ones, hence my third request ^^;) and humour. The more plotty requests I've made can just serve as background for something on a smaller scale along these lines, if that's more writable for you. (Personally, I find writing humour really hard!)

Related to being in character, a pet peeve of mine is naming and characteristic speech patterns - for example, I'm going to get badly thrown out of the writing if Natsume starts calling Nyanko-sensei "Madara", or Tanuma "Kaname-chan", and will probably close my browser in disgust to boot, unless there's a damn good reason for it  :D.  Ditto for fan-japanese.

I also don't really ship anyone in the series except for Tanuma and Natsume, and to be honest, I'm just as happy with friendship-centric fic for them too.  I'm also rather fond of Hinoe, Misuzu, Taki, and Sasada.  I do like Natori and Matoba, but would primarily like to see both of them get taken down a peg or two for their arrogance :D.  I love the series Natsume Yuujinchou because of its understated, bitter-sweet loveliness, the lonely outcast finding a place of their own theme, and for the eerie otherworldliness the series sometimes gets - for example, in the manga, Volume 9, chapter 36  (the eeriness didn't really translate in the anime's adaptation in this example ^^;), when Natsume rises up with all his youkai friends.

All very vague, sorry! Writing being what it is, please feel free to ignore anything I've just said about preferences, if you feel it makes your story stronger, and more in character.  I like a good story best of all.  I'm also not after STRICT FULFILLMENT of the prompts if you don't want to - they're intended for you to springboard from. So please feel free to cherry pick ideas you like, and run away in unexpected directions with them!

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.♥  Phew!  In parting, I shall leave a carrot of a sample of my Natsume fanart. I couldn't resist drawing Houzukigami! Natsume ^^;.

(Part of a WIP - god knows when the finished thing will be posted. If ever.) )

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